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How to Cook a Loose Meat Sandwich with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions

Here’s a weird one for you—the Loose Meat Sandwich from the Midwest. Is it a hamburger? We’re not entirely sure. Is it amazing? Hell yes! Think of a Sloppy …

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  1. Love the content of the shows, have been following for Motz for years, but the production and editing of the cut aways, gags, and bloopers becomes repetitive, annoying and distracting.

  2. This is not only a great channel, but also a walk through history! There are some GREAT kitchen gadgets from the past that should be brought back and made to be DURABLE like back then! Oh yeah!!!!

  3. If this guy wants me to take him seriously, he needs to stop disrespecting tomato ketchup. French, Michelin star chefs use tomato ketchup. Nothing signals fake foodie to me more than hating on ketchup. He's trying to get cred by hating on middle American cuisine, only it's stupid to hate on ketchup. No one with taste would ever do that. Clown.

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