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How to Cook Cauliflower Rice to Make Keto and Low Carb Meals

Need to make your favorite meals low carb or keto friendly? Check out how easy it is to cook cauliflower rice for your healthy meals. Laura’s Cookbooks: …

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  1. Thank goodness for YouTube. Going to make cauliflower rice for the first time ever tonight and I'm happy I was able to find this video as I wasn't sure on preparation for cooking.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Now I know how to cook cauliflower rice. Now I can take that frozen bag from my freezer. I don't see the problem with this video 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. Thank you kind lady.

  3. Seriously some people really need to get their head check for damages. Thank you for the great video, I was told cauliflower rice is a great substitute for regular rice so I wanted to see how it is made and how it looks. Cheers!

  4. Hey Laura. Love your videos! Just ignore all the haters. Your videos are so informative and helpful so you gotta keep making them! And it helps that you are gorgeous, fun and have a great energy!

  5. If there are negative comments, they are just jealous. So many jealous people. When we realize this in life, life becomes easier and jealous people become easier to ignore (or pray for)

  6. Great video however I wish people would stop calling it Rice….Cauliflower is not a grain….Rice supplement or cooked cauliflower will do….lol…thanks for the video!

  7. Too many hate comments.. leave her alone.. her accent is beautiful and all she is trying to do is help you eat healthier, be healthier, and lose weight. I gave up on keto a few months ago because I just didn't have the time or energy and absolutely could not give up my rice and pasta and I've been on it for a few days and I am planning meals for the next week and this video is exactly what I needed to keep me inspired

  8. People will always have something to complain but still watching the video.
    Just be thankful or just don’t watch.
    Everyone of us is different, stop caring what others do as long as they’re not hurting you

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