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HOW TO COOK OIL-FREE VEGAN » Water Saute, Broth Saute, Oven Roast – ALL OIL FREE!

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  1. Now I see my mistake.. I am waaay to impatient. 10 Minutes for onions? 😮 Wish I would enjoy cooking a bit more, I am all into super quick meals so I don‘t have to stand in the damn kitchen forever… but it would give so much more flavour. 🙁

  2. Jill – I just started helping an old college friend revise her dairy-heavy vegetarian diet to healthier vegan (at her request), and one factor in her situation is that she is totally unfamiliar with oil-free cooking. This vid came out just as we're getting started – I fired it right off to her! Thank you! Now, for her to watch… 😀

  3. Great video Jill, I love it how you show 3 different things cooked without oil! I actually start caramelising my onions with heating my stainless steel pan hot enough where the water droplet is rolling around in it, then the onions do not stick, they brown for a couple of minutes releasing their own juices, and only then when they start sticking, I add a couple of tablespoons of water to deglaze the pan and keep on frying. Have you tried using green olive brine with your onions or stir fry vegetables instead of water? They take on this amazing slightly pickled taste – super yum! I love using the olive or gherkin brine for roasting my vegetables too – gives it some saltiness and a yummy slightly sour taste 😋

  4. To make potatoes crispy, you can also use aquafaba (the liquid from canned chickpeas)instead of veggie broth. Toss the cubed potatoes with the aquafaba and put on your parchment paper lined sheet, and sprinkle with spices, or you can coat them in a baggie with cornmeal if you like that.

  5. found your video to answer my questions I asked previously from other videos. Love it. question, I would love to learn how to make pesto and babagousha (eggplant dip) without using olive oil, I wonder if using canola o corn oil would be okay or it would be better off to stop using oils at all? thanks

  6. Would it be alright to use vegetable stock. I didn't think American's ate roast potatoes because we always see them dishing up mashed potatoes even with roasts. I am going to be caramelizing veggies without oil for the first time ever and I am a great granny.

  7. In my experience, the less water you use the faster it will caramelize. I prefer to throw the veggies in there without water and keep it on low, only add bits of water when necessary.

  8. I enjoy watching your videos so much more when you have your hair pulled back. I don’t like to see long hair dangling by food, even if I’m not going to eat that food. 😬
    I learned from this I don’t let my water sautéed onions cook long enough.

  9. Wish this was around when we went oil free a couple years ago. We learned a lot the hard way, but your video will help so many that wish to lower their fat/calorie intake.

  10. Thank you. I'm also oil free. I have used coconut aminos instead of vegetable broth before instead of oil to get the spices to stick to the potatos. What do you think about using lime or lemon juice instead? Anyone tried that?

  11. I always cook my stir fry veggies with water …also helps to cook them faster if you put a cover on them,but you have to watch the water close as to not let it evaporate.

  12. Thanks! I am as oil-free as I can be, to avoid the endothelial damage caused by dietary oil.

    We (pretty much) all have some degree of endothelial damage, thanks to poor dietary choices in the past. We see, from autopsies, that this damage is found as early as teenage years, and can only be reversed via diet. No amount of exercise will heal these atheromatic/atherosclerotic lesions. Yet a whole food (thus no oil), plant-based diet CAN reverse this damage. No other diet has been scientifically shown to do so.

    According to experts, 1 American dies of heart disease every 40 seconds. This is a public health emergency like no other, but because it takes 40+ years to become fatal, the majority of people don’t seem to care (until it personally affects them).

    Ironically, one of the common consequences of a first heart attack, is for the sufferer to be put on a whole food, plant-based diet. Sadly, something like 50% of “first” heart attacks are fatal…killing off a lot of those people who say they’ll change their diet, once they get sick. 😔

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