Organic Cooking

How to cook organic curry and eat together with family

How to cook organic curry and eat together with family.

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  1. They are poor but I’ve also seen people like this having too many kids … why???
    Why bring them into this poverty and make them suffer too

  2. Worldwide, thousands of families live in extreme poverty. Rich countries do not help, they do not show solidarity. These families live hidden from the eyes of humanity.

  3. Представляю какой сильный уних иммунитет! Живут в антисанитарии, посуда как следует не моется, да и сами, наверное, никогда не моются

  4. Where they sleeping or where is there shower place, why not showing us?! You always show us how they cooking over and over same food and eating, it’s boring

  5. होईन चामल कैईले पकउदैई न त जब सम्म चामल को भत पकउ दैईन तप सम्म हेर्ने छु😂😂

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