Organic Cooking

How to cook organic delicious food and eat together with family

How to cook organic delicious food and eat together with family.

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  1. Такие дети намного здоровее наших мы чистоту создаём химией и из за этого болеем у них все зато натуральное не вредное и из за этого они и здоровее

  2. Brakes my heart to see these videos,, here I am thinking when this quarantine is going to be over, because I miss going to the mall and probably spend money on something don’t need. Or going to a restaurant, just to go out and have something we crave, and We forget how there is a lot of people in the world that live like this, It’s so not fair😭. The more we have the more we want, when those poor kids can’t even have what they need. 😭😭😭

  3. 😥ada perubahan sikit saya tengok tidak macam dulu lagi. Sekarang sudah ada paip air dekat rumah dan mereka pun tidak payah susah2 angkat air dari sungai jauh2 pergi tempat sensiri….adik2 tengah makan…

  4. God really watching over these family BECAUSE they sit so close to very hot oil on the fire and nothing spill these kid they are amazing and smart. God bless them. Its amazing to see how happy they are.

  5. Los niños,solos. estan los padres no se los ve, esa pequeña niña cocinando junto al fuego un peligro dándoles de comer a sus hermanitos ella también es chiquita para hacer todas esas cosas ,son cosas de grande la niñez perdida arruinada los podres tienen hijos, para que la mayor aga trabajo de madre no de niña🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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