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  1. I think you did an excellent job. I did learn from you. Everytime I cook with my skillet like that, my smoke alarms go off too. That steak looks so good. I'm having a NY strip steak tonight. Going to use your recipe.

  2. So I made my first attempt few days ago cooking steak with cast iron except I trimmed off the fat cap before cooking. It looked like I wouldn't have needed to sear the edge even if 1.25" thick but I did anyways. Think I did the right thing? I guess my main question is what's the pros vs. cons of fat cap off vs. on when cooking the steak?

  3. You might want to crack the nearest window open wedging in a window fan blowing out and a second fan near you to blow in that direction.

  4. Love your vide. The best part was when you said (A little bit more than medium rare.) but it still looks sooooooooooo good. And to be honest. At the end when you was talking the steak looks PERFECT 💯 🥩

  5. Gosh darn it Rexy you messed that darn 100.00$ stark up!! Now you’re out the hundred dollars & you have to eat it yourself because no one else would eat it because it wasn’t cooked to the right temp of a nice medium rare steak should be cooked every time!! But I guess that will save more for you!! Lol!! Rexy when I was younger I always wanted my steak so it was not red at all in the middle!! But every time it would just seam so tuff!! I then tried it a med & it was better but still not tender like it should be so I then went to a medium rare & oh my I just can’t exsplain with words!! Just the best way ever juicy tender & a mouth watering love potion!! Awesome video Rexy!!!

  6. No Bout Or Doubt It ! Rexy Roxio's the Recipes ! I'm a "Burner" myself and have watched quite a few . Always great to try something new . Rexy to date on my watch is the best ! Recipe & Video ! I sent to a friend with these words : I like her buttery approach and easy spicy way ;>)

  7. Delmonico has had so much history in the steak world. I bought a bottle of their steak sauce the other day at a high end grocery store here in AZ and wow. The best steak sauce I have EVER had. It is amazing. We have a Delmonico steak on our menu and we have a little story on the item about Delmonico's. Great job on your steak it looked great. We like our steaks the exact same. A quality NY strip, Montreal, cast iron, mid rare, butter, garlic, and a REALLY GOOD CRUST I mean we like our steaks exactly the same lol. At work we use a 1800° wood fired grill and wow it makes them amazing.

  8. Beautiful steak you made, Rexy! We have half a steer in the deep freezer, so your steak is definitely on our menu! Baste, baste and baste…..oh yeah. Perfectly done and lovely sliced up. You all take care!

  9. Oh wow I know the steak is the star of the show, but a fog machine in the frying pan .. dang girl your awesome. That is so inviting dang need to buy some good meat. Happy Belated Birthday, hope it was over the top with goodness. Take care of you. Thanks for sharing eh :))

  10. Hi Rexy, wanted to wish you a happy b-day as well. Sorry I am so late to the video. This one was my favorite of the year so far. That NY Strip looked amazing. Hope all is well. See you again soon. Be safe and take care.

  11. Hey Rexy !! I’m Sean. No need to apologize for anything. The steak looks Fantastic girl !! Fine job on the cook in the black iron skillet. Keep Rockin’ !! You’re doing a fine job. New sub here !! Have a great weekend !!! Cheers !!!

  12. OMG Love!!!! 😲 There is nothing better than a simple, fabulous dish! And you have nailed it! Cast iron..oh honey….perfection! And what a beautiful cut of meat! YUM! YUM! YUM! Sheer perfection! I'm sitting here with my protein shake….and you have this!!! Problem? Probably. Oh…great rubbing action!!! Love you Girl!! 💖🍸

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