Just a simple tips on how to keep our body free from any germs and bacteria from our favorite veggies and salads. credits— A special thanks to my friend Jhing …

Custom Keto Diet

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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your support I really appreciated it but I have been receiving too many SPAM comments. 
    Please respect the guidelines here in youtube.  Please watch the whole video or if not 5 minutes or so will do before you click the LIKE, make COMMENT or SUBSCRIBE. If not all  your comments will go to the bin. And I might not  be able to respond to your comments or visit you too to your channels. Thank you…Stay safe everyone.

  2. Hi chef, thank you po for teaching us how to clean veggies and water plants
    Online palengke you have
    Nowadays we need to be cautious dito na po ako ginawa all lalo na manood

  3. Opo effective po talaga ang white venigar sa pag linis ng mga gulay lalo na sa panahon natin ngayon..kaya dapat po natin panatilihin ma desinfect..keep safe po

  4. You really have beautiful flowers. I loved the bird of paradise flower.

    It’s great that you can order online. Where I live you can order online too but the demand is so high that you have to wait about one week to be delivered. Many workers are out sick so the stores can not keep up.

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