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How to Eat for $15 a Week | Dollar Tree Budget Meal Plan | Extreme Grocery Haul

My name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Today we are once again headed to dollar tree to see if I can feed myself …

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  1. Do not sleep on that Hunts spaghetti sauce in the can! Mix one traditional, and one Herb & Garlic. Add one pound of meat. Boil a pound of spaghetti. Feeds me, and my two kids. Then leftovers for a couple nights. Make my own garlic bread with regular toasted bread.

  2. Very creative. Gteat job. It was a typical nice menu.
    Its low on protein. You need 50 grams of animal protein or about 120grams of veggie protein. Veggie protein is very stripped of the types of protein we need for muscles, bone ect.
    So i suggest more animal protein.

    Well done. I learned something

  3. That is waaay more than one week’s worth of food for one. It’s eleven months later than when you shot this and those same purchases if available, would run closer to $19 I think

  4. I need to learn how to shop like this at my local Dollar Tree. I also need to learn how to meal prep like this as well for the week. It looks like it makes things so much easier. This also looks like a great way to save some money on grocery shopping as well, depending on what my local Dollar Tree has to offer food wise.

  5. just this moment (july-22) found this video. scrolled comments (never a good idea) but did not see my question. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT AWESOMEST SHIRT EVER?!!???? I'm sure the vid-ya will be great, but I had to stop at 0:02 minutes to ask about the shirt!

  6. The white t-shirt that's all the different Texas stuff…where did you get that?! I'm from Houston and I don't live there anymore, but I'm a mighty proud Texan, and I need that shirt!

  7. Weird tip, but game changing: quick blanching the veggies for like 30 seconds gets rid of the extra water. Sounds weird, but the boiling water melts the ice and thaws the veggies so they come out crisp and dry (after you drain them). Then you don’t have to evaporate the excess liquids and it makes the texture sooooo much better.

  8. Actually, beef ramon noodles with homestyle vegetables and curry powder and salt is a great dinner. A small amount of cooked hamburger, seasoned well with onion powder and curry, black pepper, delicious

  9. Please check the back of bagged items especially the rice & show where they come from. I love Dollar Tree, but always check the origin of the food products, especially bagged rice & beans. Just an fyi on camera so we know.

  10. I just found your channel today and I'm totally hooked! I'm a young(ish) widowed mama raising my young son and working full time as a nurse. These tips are truly invaluable 🥰

  11. I have to shop at dollar tree for food sometimes i am on disability so all my money goes to rent so these dollar tree food look sogood thank you so much

  12. I was curious to see what this haul of food would cost in Nova Scotia, Canada so I did the math using Walmart as the store (generally cheapest option for food here). It all came to a grand total of $41.70 + $6.26 tax. Yikes..

  13. This video is cute but being a black mother of three these items and method of shopping is not new.. Funny to watch..And sad we had to eat at dollar general or tree to survive,but now it is a choice and popular .

  14. U Must Be Born-again… Raptured– Escaping The Great Tribulation !!!! Righteous Live By Faith, Bible Book of Habakkuk 2:4
    Stored items are left for those who are Left.

  15. Food quality there is not the best and it is not the cheapest rather shop a Aldi better quality and prices per quantity are way better, yes I shop at dollar tree but not food no way
    Dollar tree has great crafting stuff, activities for the kids, cleaning supplies are great like sponges, wipes, rubber gloves, soap pads, mold remover, they also have a great oxyclean dupe.

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