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How to Eat Less Meat in 2020 | Melissa Clark | NYT Cooking

It’s true: Reducing your meat and dairy intake can reduce your impact on climate change. NYT columnist Melissa Clark shows you how to do it deliciously, with …

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  1. The world is gonna end …all the ice is going to melt flooding everywhere and if you don't drown there will not be enough oxygen to breath and it will be unbearably hot…all of what you know will be gone by 2030…CLIMATE CHANGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
    Also yes…eat FAKE meat, its all natural. Baaahhaaaa baaahhhaaaaaa sheeple.

  2. I can't watch this. She's completely ignoring the incredible terror and suffering that animals endure when we eat meat and animal by products such as dairy. They are brutalized and die violently. There is no kind way to slaughter something. And dairy and eggs aren't ok either because after they use the chickens and cows up for as much milk and eggs and you can get from them, they slaughter those animals, too. There facts make people uncomfortable. We need to get beyond that and widen our circle of compassion. I know it's not easy but the solution is to aim toward vegan. You might not be able to do it overnight but working toward it is the right thing to do. Whenever you buy meat, an animal is murdered.

  3. I like the idea for health reasons but have many cultural, socio-economic, and political questions about how it will translate to reducing greenhouse gases enough to make an significant impact on our already struggling carbon cycle.

  4. I do not care for tofu. It's a texture thing, and yes, I've had it many ways over the years. I will say that I love the idea of that Mushroom Bourguignon. Perhaps you could do more videos like this? Melissa is funny and charming. Please feature her in more of your content.

  5. Yep! Already living 80/20 lifestyle and I feel healthier than ever! And it feel so special when I buy some special cheese etc. I say no most of the time to red meat, but sometimes ribs are just divine!

  6. I didn't know what to expect with this article. What a surprise! Very well thought out, I'm going to take this idea for myself.

  7. Very informative, inventive, and educational! Thanks for letting us know about mushrooms not absorbing too much water, I notice you also have Nigella’s Salt Pig in Blue!

  8. Tip for cooking mushrooms: high heat in a dry pan, overcrowd it with the mushrooms. Add a little water, around a 1cm or a pinkie finger puddle height. The mushrooms are now going to release a lot of water, let all the water evaporate. Once the steam dies down, you can add you fats – butter, oil, etc – allow to brown from here.
    This technique cuts the amount of oil you need to use to brown the mushrooms, because they release a lot of water and soak up the oil if you don't use this technique.
    Happy cooking!

  9. "You've got the mushrooms… tender, they're thick, and rich. The sauce is just glossy and perfect. We've got those gorgeous pearl onions that are caramelized, and then the crunchy mushrooms on top… " Oh, Melissa, I so love it when you start with the dirty talk. 😏

  10. Underrated protein source: lentils. Cooks quickly, super versatile and super delicious. Indian vegetarians have survived on that stuff for thousands of years. Indian stores usually carry the whole range of lentils, each of which have a very distinct flavour profile so you never get bored.

  11. This is genius. I am totally making this. Doing the Mediterranean way of eating which calls for reducing meat, and when you do eat it, it's not the "star". This would totally fit within that. And looks terrific. I probably eat 80/20, though I have never really kept track.

  12. I think I'm gonna try this. I don't have all the ingredients now but the recipes look really delicious. And while I dont think a fully vegan diet is really healthy (maybe to some people, not to me I have tried) what you suggest is seem a far more doable and most likely can keep you healthy and fit.

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