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How to Fillet Ling – Ling Catch, Clean and Cook – Fish Curry

Step by step guide on how to fillet, debone and skin Ling. Followed by a delicious homemade fish curry in the FishLocker kitchen. For those interested in the …

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  1. All i like to see is fishing you know like working life is boring like why not live in a survival house freedom you can fish for food you can grow for food grow animals like its really cool

  2. It looks amazing I love curried fish also the satisfaction of catching it yourself. It’s about two weeks ago I convinced my wife to have carried fish and she absolutely loved it. I like watching your cooking videos because you use every day ingredients, thanks so much for sharing this with us I hope to see more soo;n.

  3. High fish locker team sorry I haven’t kept up to date with your video’s but been busy at work and house renovations just slowly getting up to speed on what you guys have been up to we are currently still in lockdown up here but hopefully will get out fishing for the first time in about six months soon take care and stay safe

  4. Love ling my favourite white fish on my coast Country Down Northern Ireland our shore cod are to full of worms most of the time.
    Thank you for a great video👍

  5. Another very informative video John 👍. Can you help. I'm going to Cornwall in August and I'm looking to buy a decent inshore lure rod&reel. Can you recommend any and how do you rate Penn rods. Cheers

  6. Gotta give that recipe a try at some point!
    Is conger eel edible at all? I've heard different things about it but never tasted it or found a restaurant/chippy which serves it…

  7. well that looked yummy ..well done to the chef …the filleting looked similar to doing a pike which are hard to fillet because of the Y bones..but you did a great job john ..will have to try ling now..yeah….thanks and stay safe family ..hope this lockdown can end soon ..missing family is hard …regards to the missing chef spargo..cheers

  8. Very informative, Mr. Locker! That fish was filleted expertly and the yield is surprising. If that fish had teeth, it would look like an Asian snakehead. Thanks to the missus for her "curry in a pan" recipe. Yum.

  9. Masterclass from the dynamic duo!! I’m starving. When I used to do a lot of wreck fishing, I always buried the carcasses in the garden, great compost! Fresh Ling is gorgeous. Great recipe Hannah! Rick Stein, whose he!😬👍

  10. maybe you already know the channel but maybe you like the channel flying fish tv..
    a dude from new sealand fishing in a kayak catching tuna and other exotic stuff..
    you are sometimes complaning about those pesky dogfish.. he is complaning about 12 foot long tigersharks bumping his kayak..:P

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