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How to Find MORE Wild Morel Mushrooms! {Catch Clean Cook} Most Delicious Mushroom!!!

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to make videos like this and to tell my story! If you’d like to know more about the knives I use, please go to: …

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  1. Morels sauteed in butter with fresh chives on the side of a ribeye or elk steak and roasted potatoes over a camp fire absolute heaven on Earth

  2. Bullshit, you have to have spores. You can walk in the woods for weeks n be under the perfect trees, landscape, if there are no spores, there are no morels, PERIOD

  3. Never tried crackers and egg, always used egg and flour then salt them when done but recently used Louisiana Cajun chicken batter and won't go back to flour.

  4. after living with so much drama and tuning it out. This is exactly what I was looking for. Men out set on a adventure to find Morel mushrooms, and enjoying the beauty of the day with each other. This video was exactly what I needed. Not to mention how educational it was for me, as I really want to make a saute of these morels with a nice steak and some artichokes. You get all my love

  5. Every spring when i was growing up i would go out in the woods with my family and pick these. It almost seems like a lost art. Im so happy to see people still do this. Morels are delicious. Also, a tip from me when looking for these; if you find one you will always find another pretty close by. You may even get lucky and find a fairy circle.

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