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HOW TO GO VEGAN for Beginners! 🌱

Looking to transition to a plant-based diet, or to simply incorporate more vegan meals into your life? Well, today I’m sharing 7 tips detailing what I did to help …

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  1. She really helped me to transition to veganism!! <3 I started to search more about it, and after seeing how the industry treats animals, I made it! You guys should totally try it!!

  2. I loved the video, I've been transitioning to a vegan diet since February 2020, my sister has been vegan since 2017, but I don't eat any meat, my wife and I are making our own plant based recipes, i like the diversity of plant based milk recipes and the possibilities to use in any recipes.

    And as she said we can veganize all the food that we already eat, and plan the meals to the outcoming week, helps alot.

    If you really want to change one think that can help you in the transition is to put in your mind that you want to change to a plant based diet, meditation will help you in this process, because you can concentrate and focus and remove all thoughts that don't make you change.

  3. Kim you are a goddess and I love your content so much. I’m a 35 year old man and live for your videos. Btw, you look beautiful. You def make veganism look good 😂😂

  4. I ate more Vegan/Vegetarian diet during Lockdown because the meat I brought was sour. 🤢 So I just gave up. I am not fully but I can go days without eating meat and I’m okay with that 😊

  5. Im here cause I’m tired of feeling like 🧟‍♀️💩Shit .. and sluggish and Lack of Energy and just not good at all .. I’m just trying to make some changes

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