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HOW TO GO VEGAN IN 2020 | 10 easy tips 🐝🌱🌏 veganuary!

10 things I wish I knew before going vegan! I hope this video and these tips give you guys some helpful insight. ☆ OPEN FOR RESOURCES ☆ Find me …

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  1. Five years ago I was scrolling through your tumblr page and saw you recommending the documentary Earthlings, so I decided to watch it. Since that day I decided I couldn’t eat meat again and I honestly cannot stress enough how helpful your tumblr page was for me in my early days of being a vegetarian. It was also your page that eventually made me switch to veganism. I always found myself going to your FAQ page when I had questions as a new vego/vegan as your posts were always so kind and helpful. I hope you go to sleep at night knowing that because of you there is at least one less person in the world eating meat (but also many more, I’m sure). Be PROUD! You are the change. Love u girl x You’re doing good things in the world!

  2. I’m a new Canadian vegan! I’ve been vegan about a month now. I am happy to be a part of this community. I’ve only met such loving, caring and knowledgeable people so far! Much love to everyone! <3 & Happy 2020!!!

  3. I'm trying to go vegetarian then vegan but right now my mothers family has the worst meat only diet. I dont know how to go vegetarian/vegan with them

  4. I love this video how amazing, love how many people are seeing the importance of being vegan! I’ve been vegan for 4 years, we share such similar content and I really hope we can support each other!💗

  5. I feel identified with your journey! When I started I was afraid of making mistakes, specially that due to my many food allergies I had no idea if I could sustain eating vegan for a long period of time. Yet, I learned I could actually heal my body and now I share my journey and recipes 🙂 Thank you for inspiring the community!

  6. HNY! First time watching your video it is a really helpful video😊! One thing I want to say is that yea I totally agree with you that don't eat tofu without seasoning but.. only the tofu that we get in Australia haha.. if you get a chance to go to some Asian countries if the tofu quality is good we cook it with just simple seasoning! Especially in Japan..their tofu is the best!! Their tofu is pretty different to the usual one we can get from Australia. The tofu itself is so much more tastier in Asia.

  7. I'm on my fourth week being a vegan and I love it I feel great I never had so much energy in my life even my teeth Don't Hurt Anymore and when I floss no odor I had to put that in there thank you for your ideas

  8. Not even vegetarian, but may try this. I do care about animals, and the more that time goes on, the more i am considering being vegetarian. Vegan seems quite a different one but for January i will give it a go.

  9. I really want to go vegan next year but I don't know how I can give up dairy and eggs. I have been vegetarian for 2 years. Is there any ways to veganize that stuff?

  10. Hi Ally. Great video! We've been vegan for four years now. Re: your section about supporting others, we'd be very happy to inspire and support others who haven't fully transitioned to veganism yet. It would be great to meet new friends. Phil x

  11. I've been living on these coles vegan for a few months now since I don't have a normal kitchen and only a microwave, I miss cooking but this was a lifesaver only the thing that I wished was they be available in all coles stores

  12. Thank you for this inspo Ally ! I've been plant based & loving it for years now – see my food on @messybymolly on insta if anyone's interested 🙂

  13. I’ve been veggie for about three and a half years now and always been interested in going vegan and eaten vegan for some of the time but never fully committed to it. Lately I’m edging towards making the final push ! I might start with a few vegan days per week and then maybe do veganuary… thanks for the tips!

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