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how to go vegan / plant based in 2020 (vegan hacks + tips)

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  1. I’m really tempted to go vegan, bc Ariana Grande & Billie Eilish (I love them) are both vegan. It’s making me want to try it. I just need help, because I’m a thin girl and I don’t want to lose any weight, and I have trouble with eating fruits & nuts for breakfast, for example, and being hungry like 20 mins later. I just need help finding a vegan diet that would be healthy and ofc vegan but still have me full for a while and not lose weight.. someone pls reply & give some advice? ❤️

  2. Don't go vegan or plant based. Terrible for nature, plants are indigestible and lack over a dozen essential nutrients. Its just inflammation, constipation and malnourishment

  3. See I wanna go vegan and I think it'd be easier for me than most seeing as I hate eggs, cheese and anything dairy but I just feel like I don't know enough vegan/plant-based recipes and so it kind of discourages me. I'd like to get some cook books that are plant based though and slowly ease my way into veganism maybe

  4. awww I’m so late butttt midterms ugh. I can’t wait to try all these tips and tricks!! I’ve been vegetarian by birth but I really want to start converting into a vegan lifestyle in order to lead a more sustainable life 🙂 love you loads liv

  5. Great tips, just one thing- The protein levels in your blood are actually not reflective of the protein you eat! Doctors and dietitians have other ways to assess if you're getting enough protein/calories! Also, TONS of vegan documentaries are incredibly biased to the point of lying, so be very cautious and take everything with a grain of salt.

  6. if you're vegan i would strongly suggest supplementing vitamin b12! unless you're eating foods fortified with it (like nutritional yeast or some mock meats) everyday. it's an essential nutrient that's water soluble so you need to meet the daily requirements everyday

  7. I live in Argentina which is the world's number 1 meat producer but still I've been vegetarian most of my life. I really want to start transitioning to plant based, I'm going to do it slowly because there are very few options here but I'm so excited

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