How to Make 3 Different Charcuterie Boards | Finger Food | You Can Cook That

In this episode of You Can Cook That, Nicole McMom shows us her take on 3 different charcuterie boards, and she explains exactly how you can make these …

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  1. I don't get the hype over a board that everyone makes their own appetizer bites, especially with a pandemic. But I do love to watch Nicole.

  2. I never liked blue cheese until I went to a party and the host served it with honey for dipping. Now whenever I make a charcuterie board I put a little server with honey and I steer the guests to it.

  3. Add some pop to your sweet offerings with jalapeño jelly! There are many recipes on YouTube. I use less vinegar and less sugar than most. I also seed the jalapeños completely.

  4. Have made many of these over the years. They’re fun to create & who doesn’t like anything resembling a buffet?! We traditionally create a breakfast one for Christmas morning. I’m with you, Nicole, & could have them at every meal!!

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