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How To Make A Classic Lasagna • Tasty

When layers of cheesy lasagna come together flawlessly, that’s amore! Pile on beefy marinara sauce, delicious noodles, and a blend of cheeses, then kick back …

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  1. to all my fellow angry italians.. stop being so mad. You didn't born with the original recipe in your pocket plus it's just a lasagna so why did you get offended in the first place? lmao

  2. are we not going to talk about the way that when they made the lasagna they put sauce first and then when it was played it had a noodle (???) and then sauce

    Like it wasn’t the same one

  3. Ironically, this is not a classic lasagna at all. While it is perfectly applicable as a lasagna, it is not classic AT ALL. Nonnas (which are the supreme Italian cooks) make a ragú without any sort of store-bought Marinara sauce. I’m not even going to talk about ricotta cheese. Next up, they make some sort of ratatouille lasagna, like THAT qualifies as classic.

  4. To the ones saying that it is not classic italian lasagna and that it is classic american lasagna,THE TITLE SAYS 'CLASSIC LASAGNA'!!! Did you see the word Italian anywhere? No. So go delete your comments

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