How to make a Macaroni Salad for All Season (2020)

PLS. DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS VIDEO ON YOUR CHANNEL *** Any channel detected posting this vid will be reported (you have been warned) Lol (But yes …

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  1. Hi guys THANK YOU so much , I just hitted 1 million views here inspire me a lot to continue sharing my passion you guys from the bottom of my heart 🙂 God bless everyone..

  2. Omg ,thanks so much for the recipe, I spent ages trying to find this because I had the memory of my Filipino nanny cooking it when I was a child , it used to be my favorite
    . I definitely will try this ! Idk what to say but thanks really much , u definitely made my day 😆 For some of you who doesn’t know this is a must try dessert

  3. i love salad.. ang sarap nman nyan .. meron din ako gnawang video.. para sa aking special macaroni salad with buko.. napakasarap ..try nio din sure u will love it

  4. Saya indonesia tapi saya suka sekali makan macaroni salad karena sahabat saya orang pilipin yg memperkenalkan makaroni salad ini …
    Thks i love to eat this macaroni salad …

  5. Ito yun macaroni salad sa Mindanao bisaya .
    Ito yun salad na Hndi tlga mawala sa mesa pag may celebrations and party. Ang paborito ng lhat!😋👍

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