HOW TO MAKE A VEGAN SALAD | 3 Delicious & Easy Recipes

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  1. Omg the ceasar salad looks sooo amazing! ❤️ I love watching your videos but I'm always too lazy to actually make them, but god I just have to make this one.

  2. aah for the ceasar salad hIghLy recommend smoked tofu if it is available near u! make sure its not the raw smoked one if that makes sense if u r dutch the one from marqt is aMazing! makes a salad! also v good with some grilled courgette in the salad 🙂

  3. "the main elements of salad is chicken and cheese" okay that has to be a UK thing right? I have never in my life eaten a salad with meat inside or cheese (???)

  4. Madeleine, love you recipe! If I have enough material, I will definitely try them. Every time I watch your video, which like a magic. These foods transform into beautiful and delicious dishes! Thanks all your hard work to share your wonderful recipes online!

  5. I just had a really good vegan Japanese mushroom salad at a restaurant (not a vegan restaurant but the only vegan item I could find). It was arugula, slices of artichoke hearts, sautéed shiitake mushrooms with an Asian dressing (ponzu vinaigrette and sumiso sauce is what it says on the menu but it tasted like any Asian type salad dressing to me). I’ve been planning to replicate it at home.

  6. I honestly didn't really understand why it would be hard making a salad vegan 😅 i mean all the main ingredients (actual salad, cucumber, tomatoes, oil…) are vegan, so if you just go for a classic salad recipe, i guess the only thing not vegan would be cheese…
    But i do know, that there can be a lot of special ingredients like chicken or egg, so for a more individual salad you're recipes are very good:) 🥗
    Also i didn't didn't want to hate or anything, i really really like your videos and recipes! 😊

  7. once our house renos are done and i have a kitchen again, trying the mushroom one and if i can find my food processor the tofu one. that dressing looks amazing.

  8. Madeline I love love love your recipe videos! I'm not vegan but I added a lot of your recipes to my daily cooking. (also love your minimalist video's btw) XX from the Netherlands

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