How to make Cabbage patties

Cabbage patties recipe – crispy in the outside, soft inside. These fried cabbage balls/patties/cutlets are easy to make and super delicious. Full Printable Version: …

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  1. I tried this today… it was an absolute nightmare forming them into stable balls. I spent at least an hour just trying to keep them from falling apart. In the end I formed them into flat circles instead. They taste wonderful, but I don’t think I’ll be doing this again.

  2. Can I just use all-purpose wheat flour instead of semolina? I imagine it can be used as substitute to hold the patties together but I'm not sure if it would impact the flavor and what not.

  3. I made this last night and it was delicious. Had 6 patties left over. Warmed up 2 of them this morning for breakfast and they were even better than last night. I will do the remaining 4 along with some potato salad for dinner tonight.

  4. Cabbages are one of the cheapest vegetables in my country. I will definitely try out this recipe, the cabbage patties look absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  5. Thank you for the great recipe. It's not always easy to make something tasty with cabbage. Basically how I made mine , based on your method, was to lightly fry ,instead of boil, the lettuce. I think veggies have a lot of water in them to begin with. I then fried the onions and added a bit of seasoning to them. I however think that the amount of semolina/flour needs to be a bit more as you need to be able to mould a good veggie ball. I think if it was more doughy , you may want to bake it. Anyway ,I cooked it on a medium heat until brown. It came out great. Thank you once again.
    By the way, your music makes me want to watch Lord of the Rings 😅.

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