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How to make compost in 7 days – how to make compost from kitchen waste – compost recipe – composting

Note: if you are making compost in Jun, July, or in August your compost will be perfectly ready in 7 days. ——-but——– if you are making compost in any other …

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  1. Very informative,i do mfg 100% organic and ecofriendly fertilizer in 3 days only, for use in improvement and growth of flowering plants and making compost from kitchen wastage ,do call for information or requirement at 8830984870.

  2. This is a fantastic video… I am an organic farmer myself. I produce my own fertilizer and other concoctions. I operate at my backyard in an urban estate in Nairobi, Kenya. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  3. Dear,
    I believe he lives in warm country, he has the time to cut it into small pieces… Which i do the same, so that the compose process will take shorter time… He s giving the idea n it depend on us to follow or not..
    Don t just condemn what his doing.. If u dont like, just ignore..

  4. ooo bhai rehnay day…. pichli video may aurut nay water use kia hay aur good tutorial hay woo , tumhari video water use nahi kerna ,yar tum logo kay alug alug opinions hamara time waste na ker day .

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