How To Make Deliciously Fruity Desserts 4 Ways

Desserts don’t have to be all chocolate and sweets, today we’ll show you how to make 4 fruit based desserts that you’re bound to love! Timestamps 0:08 – Key …

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  1. I love limes but this recipe… Goddamit… are you telling me to bake limes for 4 hours just to have the guests taking them out and putting them on the side? Who is going to eat that with the crust and all?
    Pretty wasteful.
    Not to mention: that curd is just wrong, there is no way that the amount of butter showed is 25g!! And are you throwing the eggs in the pan with butter not expecting them to cook?! If you just "warmed it up" I got bad salmonella news for you..
    Plus… condensed milk AND sugar? Jeeeezzz

  2. Key lime pie cake
    2 limones bake
    4 hrs
    170g Unsalted butter
    340g Sugar
    Lime zest
    300g Large eggs(3)
    420g Plain flour
    4 tsp Baking Powder
    1/4 tsp Salt
    250ml, added gradually Whole milk
    Beke 20min
    Lime curd
    115g Caster sugar
    2, beaten Large eggs
    25g Butter
    2 juice of limes
    Lime zest

    Lime buttercream
    400g Butter
    8 tbsp condensed milk
    Lime juice
    Lime zest
    600g Icing sugar
    -Lime buttercream second layer
    -60g, crushed biscuits

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