How to make French Fries | Crispy Homemade Recipe Restaurant style | Kunal Kapur Veg Snacks Recipe

How to make french fries perfect? These French fries come very close to the ones we get in any fast-food chain. These finger chips are crisp as well as soft from …

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  1. Sir when we put frozen fries in hot oil,it will sputter out as fries will have some moisture or water inside it.. please answer this query ..

  2. Its better to half fry rather boil. Try it..coz McDonald's do this for crunchy fries and less making time at restaurants. I tried both the ways during this Ramdan and results are good without boiling.

  3. I don't find it Time consuming

    He has shown that you can cut and store and use whenever you want to eat

    And giving Masala Twist

    Because in Refrigerator It turn out to crisper


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