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How to Make Homemade Roast Beef Lunch Meat | LOW CARB

More than half the price of deli lunch meat without the preservatives! Make your own roast beef lunch meat right at home! Super simple recipe and tons of ways …

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  1. Wow, thank you for showing us this. PLease keep showing recipes like this. We are cooking at home more now, because we learned during Pandemic and are not going back to old ways.

  2. Putting it to the test Ms Kathleen! A three pound bottom round, aka rump roast, sous vide 4 hours at 130°, chill overnite, and ultra thin slice tomorrow. The nice thing about sous vide is if I’m not happy with the tenderness at 4 hours I put it back in for 2 hour increments until it’s the way I want it. I’ll report back with the results when all is done.

    Btw, I watched your first video earlier on cauliflower rice. Great job!! And the broccoli cheese soup afterwards! Jeez you’re even thinner now than you were back then!! I guess you think you needed to be. Anyway, love champion sweatshirts!! Love them!! Great sweatshirts at decent prices.

  3. Having just watched your video and also having unsuccessfully tried this before, I have to ask…. when the slices are piled high on a bun, 1-2” like an Arby’s, is it still remarkably tender and easy to chew?

    All my results look like yours, same cut, same temp, either oven or sous vide cooked. I also use a slicer. Now I am thinking I have not been slicing thin enough.

    Yesterday I was finally successful. However I have two variables, it was done sous vide for 30 hours, and I sliced it much thinner than ever before, less than 1/16”. Chipped I think you called it.

    So your answer is very important. I like to sous vide meat so that will stay the same. But, if I can sous vide a roast for 4-8 hours, (tougher cuts require more time) versus 30, chill overnight, chip or very thinly slice the next day… that’s a whole lot better.

  4. 😆😆As soon as the video started. All I saw was season the meat throw in the oven and then meat slicer. I was like, wait, that's all the video. ( slaps forehead ) 😆😆

  5. Quit washing your meat people. It does nothing but contaminate your kitchen. Drying it with paper towels is ok, it will help it brown. But be careful, this can contaminate your kitchen as well. Cooking it kills any bacteria. Otherwise well done on the video.

  6. I have done roast beef for slicing but my local Super King (Southern California) always has Charlie's Pride on for $4-5 per pound, fresh sliced. Can't resist. Pastrami and Corned Beef too!

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