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How to make Jamie’s Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

There are loads of variations of lasagne out there, and Jamie’s not claiming this is the most authentic, but it is absolutely delicious, reliable and a great way to …

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  1. 847 Italians with the dislikes 🙂 To be fair it is titled "Jamie's" Lasagne so don't get too tilted at tradition going out the window.

  2. Sorry, I am Italian (and sicilian in particular) and I know perfectly how cook the lasagnas. These are not lasagnas at all. You know Gennaro Contaldo. I am surprised he didn’t give you a tip about that!

  3. I have made this yesterday. It’ s very good but here are some tips: don’ t use sooooo muchhh flavours, there is no need for so many spices… bay leaves and rosemarry and nut meg… and sooo many cheese… also there are onions inside and garlic and leaks… it’ s too much of flavors. Make it a little bit more simple. And I would definitely use celery roots instead of celery sticks + bechamel sauce needs a pinch of salt and there should be more virgin olive oil in ragu.

  4. I like the old Jamie personality when he was in his 20s. Now, no more "Bob's your uncle" or, "PUCKAH!" No more band or friends visiting. No more cool, funky house in the city where he slid down the bannister and shot hoops. No more Vespa grocery shopping. Guess that's what happens with age and moving on to marriage and kids.

  5. As a student I will not be doing this. So many ingredients that won’t fit in my tiny cupboard for me to not use them again 😅

  6. Looks delicious, but why on earth does he start with pouring some meat sauce into the dish ? It is far more practical to start with a layer of pasta, as it will make serving far easier and less messy.

  7. It killed me 🤤!
    I really really really lovvvvvve you.
    I've been watching you since you had a show on Dubai1TV and i was about 11 years 😍. But may I ask you a favor, would u please talk a little bit slowly coz some ingredients and sentences are not easy to understand since not all people are English.
    Watching u from Yemen ❤

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