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How to make keto vegan bagels | Keto vegan gluten-free

If you are on keto and miss bagels like me, you have found the best recipe. These beautifully aromatic keto vegan bagels will transform your keto life forever.

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    If you’re in the US or regions that ground almonds contain skin (unbalanced) then make sure you use REGULAR BLANCHED ALMOND FLOUR (finer in texture) instead. Having read some viewers feedback, I think the extra fibre from the almond skin may prevent the dough from combining properly.

    Ground almonds in the UK is almost always blanched. So unless you can find the same type (see in my video), stick with the regular almond flour (blanched). Then it should work fine. Hope this makes sense. Compatibility of products from different parts of the world is always challenging when it comes to recipes. I’m learning as I go and I’m really grateful for your comments. X

  2. I already made them twice and holy sh.. they are amazing. Thanks for the recipe! First time I messed it up a little because cooking them for 2-3 minutes was WAY too long for me. They came out too soft and had started to dissolve into the water. I still baked them and they were actually delicious, but very flat. This time I only let them cook for 30-45s each side, which was perfect.

    I regularly bake all kinds of keto bread but this was the best "real" dough-like keto dough I ever used, so smooth and great to handle.

    Oh, only one thing confused me: psyllium husks vs. psyllium husk powder. You say and write powder, but in the video it looks like whole psyllium husks. Or are they completely interchangable at the same weight? I went with whole husks and it was perfect!

  3. Very lovely :-),
    1- Can I use sesame flour instead of almond flour , as I can transfer the sesame to flour with the control over its fineness ?
    2 – can use this method as in boiling then backing in any bakery recipes such as breads or biscuits ?
    Big love from iraq

  4. Have made again. They didnt sink, so i boiled them for 4 mins on each side. Very gooey, had to pat off with paper towel. I got them in oven. Let them dry in oven before I oiled them. Baked them for the full 30 mins. Tasted great but looked horrible. I Will Try Again!

  5. My bagels looked good, they rose in the boiling water quickly and then disintegrated. Water too hot? Pastry was firm but perhaps too much water? Enjoy your outlook on life. Any ideas what went wrong? Thanks.

  6. Horrendous experience on my end unfortunately. Mine floated right away never sank at the bottom of the cooking pot so I had no idea how long to cook them for. It was useless putting them in the over since they did not hold their shape and were unmanageable. Very disappointed 😕

  7. Hi i made these beautiful bagless my didn't work out what did i do wrong. Mine were so sticky after and they're almost falling apart when I was cooking them…is that not real yeast i but real yeast is that's why?

    I just baked them now they are flat like a pancake oh, there are still raw from the inside I baked them least 45 to 50 minutes I hope I can get this right yet cuz they look so delicious.

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