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How to make Pancakes | Fluffy Pancake Recipe

Next time you are looking for a breakfast recipe learn how to make pancakes from scratch with this simple pancake recipe. So if you would like to learn how to …

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  1. Baking powder has no flavour so it shouldn't leave your pancakes with a bitter taste. Baking soda needs an acid to neutralize the bitter flavour but these pancakes don't have an acid so baking powder is used. If your baking powder is leaving a bad taste in the pancakes consider trying a different brand of baking powder.

  2. Im about to start making it now.. hope it goes well 🤝

    edit 1: I accidentally put 4 TABLESPOONS of baking powder 😭 I tried scooping it out so we'll have to see how they turn out

    edit 2: they came out better than I thought ! Very fluffy. Its not as sweet as store bought pancakes but its definately close enough

  3. I love your pancakes. They look so delicious. I even subscribed your channel. Oh and also, it would be a big help if you make a video on how to make a chocolate cake. And also, my Teacher also showed us your video. Yummy

  4. My husband was craving for pancakes one early morning. And I found your recipe and followed carefully with all the ingredients and procedures. The results was amazing and successful. My husband likes it so much and he always asking me to cook almost every morning 🙄 😄. Thanks for sharing and it is one of the best.

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