How to make savory "salad" juice #JuiceFasting2020 #JuiceFast #Juicing #JuiceRecipe

In this video, I share with you my recipe of a savory “salad” tasting juice. I also talk about my day 49 of a juice fast 2020. Savory “salad” juice recipe: 2 bunches of …

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  2. Love this recipe idea, I’ll have to try. I’ve been incorporating chili pepper and garlic into my savory juice as well. Question: any preference on time of day to drink this kind of juice? I’ve been drinking my savory lemon ginger blast in the AM, but I saw someone suggesting to have it in PM with more cleansing fruits in AM. Do you have an opinion? You’re an expert!

  3. Hello, got some questions here!
    Is it important to take anything else other than juices while on SFV (things like spirulina, salt, oils, b12, zink, dried herbs, raw honey etc.)? What are your thoughts on taking clay and psyllium husks?
    Personally, I have liver problems and I don't think putting some oil in my juices would be a good idea, but I'm not sure anymore. Please give me some advice.

  4. I have noticed the same with mixing foods. Mixing too many things causes slower digestion and confuses the body I think. When I make a complicated dressing or salad it makes me feel heavier and doesn’t go through so well. I don’t think I’m going to use nuts at all to be honest. You are so inspiring for going the distance again! (: thanks for the great info Ana.

  5. A savory juice is important on a sfv for balance. Unfortunately store bought veggies are almost always lacking in higher sodium levels.
    They just aren't grown the right way. Maybe not enough soil ingredients….

    Only a couple handful of times have I tasted (celery, chard, dill, basil, tomato, cilantro, kale) that were all superb and super savory. I guess u just have to grow them yourself, unless u live near a farm that grows them with better flavors.

    Something else I've noticed is the sodium flavor in savory-type veggies gets diluted if u mix the juice with other specific ingredients… Like lemon with carrot. I noticed that carrot juice tastes better/more savory without mixing it with most fruit juice, or diluting it with too many low sodium ingredients like lettuce, etc.

    Making a hot tea of: (dulse, kelp, pure high quality sundried tomato, spices, chaga, etc.) and then adding that to a savory juice can enhance sodium flavor.
    Carrot, spinach, and barley grass juice are always usually consistently great for sodium, plus all the other things I mentioned above.

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