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Baked Sev Puri Recipe | Sev Puri Recipe | Street Style Sev Puri | How To Make Sev Puri At Home | Homemade Sev Puri | Easy Snacks Recipe | Puri Recipe …

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  1. It is a great recipe, but please don't use aluminium foil. Once heated, the aluminium releases toxins which enter our food.
    We can replace it with parchment paper. Thanks

  2. For someone like me who loves street food but not able to enjoy it as much because of the deep frying and Maida and You not only baked the poori’s but you also made it super healthy by using wheat flour as the base plus moong dal , thank you so much for this wholesome delicious recipe 😍😍😍😍

  3. i love the Mumbai style Sev Puri,,, try it on @/grainitos​ Nutrie Chips / Canapes which are non fried made from 7 grain 5 seeds oats and soya and are crispy too,,,, u would want to just munch them,,,, save ur time as they cost just the same as OILY Puris

  4. Jai Shri Krishna 🙏 kem cho barsana, nandgam ki laath maar HORI kunj ekadashi AVAM holi dhuleti ki apko avam apke parivar ko ANEK ANEK mangal BADHAI 🙏🔴🍚 abir GULAL

  5. Супер-пупер! 🥰🤤заходите ко мне на страницу! Может быть Вам будет что то интересно! Подписывайтесь буду рада! 😊☺😇

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