How to Make the Best Crowd-pleasing Appetizers for Game Day

Christie is back with another fun appetizer-centric video for game day treats. She’s making little Ham and Cheese Football Sandwiches, Bacon Deviled Eggs, …

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  1. Someone made these ham sliders at the party I was at on Sunday, they were by far the biggest hit! I should of known they were ATK. Yum!

  2. Sprinkle the bacon on the eggs before plating, on a rack in a sheet pan. Then plate your eggs. Much cleaner presentation and easier to pickup and reuse fallen bacon bits

  3. How important is that step in the sliders recipe where you put them back in the oven to help the tops of the buns get crispy? My kids prefer soft rolls and I’d be concerned about the toasted buns not being very good as leftovers the next day. Can they be left soft or would they be too soggy due to the steam inside with the foil on top?

  4. I'm disappointed. The thumbnail referred to "Big Game Appetizers." I thought she was going to make hors d'oeuvres from elephants and lions and tigers and bears. Wrong big game, I guess.

  5. Tough crowd in the comments section. They must of started drinking before the big game even started…lol. I like the slider recipe because it left out the sugar that I see so often. Bacon and eggs and chives…right up my alley. Bleu Cheese in the dip is what I've been missing in mine and the Worcestershire Sauce. Ignore the people in the peanut gallery…good job and nice back and forth banter.

  6. Deviled eggs. Smooth…why??? That always makes me think of deli/cafeteria products, where they have to do it mechanically for cost/time considerations. At home, you can mash them with a fork or chop them, then mash them, so they have some texture and everyone knows you made them, not some machine. And you don't have to worry about any preservatives that are added to commercial deviled egg filling.

  7. For those who immediately think of food made with animals killed on an African hunt: The Super Bowl has been referred to as the Big Game for a long time now.. "Super Bowl" is a strictly enforced copyright so it can't be used commercially or promotionally at will—only for news and sports programs under certain agreements.

  8. Christine, you might want to consider loosing weight. You can still be a chef w/o being obese. As a diabetic with congestive heart failure, all that weight will come back to haunt you affecting your health and the ability to enjoy food. GET THIN! To America's Test Kitchen, start promoting healthy recipes w/o all that fat sugar and salt.

  9. Speaking of a "hair over 10 minutes" hair over food can become hair in food. I do not think that the show needs hair nets like in a commercial kitchen but perhaps at least pinned back and not hanging in front.

  10. Is this food the sort only Americans get cause it seems a bit odd to me and straight from the 70's. I'm from England and we have lots of weird food only we get cause it nostalgic. Seemed like just mixing packets of premade stuff together?

  11. I think Christie is my favorite chef at ATK. She’s down to earth, natural, and doesn’t put on airs like a few of the others, no names mentioned.

  12. Great presenter and recipes, poor production quality.

    * Put the camera on a tripod.
    * Speaking of cameras… focus yours.
    * Connor… hush please.

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