How to make The most Delicious 3 Quick and Easy Salad Recipe| Stephanie Views on the road

Hello & welcome! In today’s recipe, I’ll be showing you how to make the most delicious quick and easy cold salads to beat the heat …

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  1. I haven’t seen your videos in a hot minute! My familia and I have been watching for so long We love your recipes and yall’s personalities are always so welcoming and genuine❤️

  2. 🐟 🥗👁️💗👁️♥️👁️💖 HOLA SOOO mmmm you girls rock thnx🌺 Steph 💮 cloud 🌸👁️💟🐟🥗👍👍👍👍 CHEERS🍹💯🍷🌹🌹CHUR CHUR

  3. You look absolutely stunning! you always have since your first video! Thank you so much for your recipes. You and your sister have gotten me through tough times for sure. You guys are so genuine, fun, and sassy. I've learned so many recipes that taught me to feed my family delicious food on a budget using what's comfortable for MY HOME❤️ I always feel at home watching your videos. You're kids must be so proud! Nieces and nephews too! I know you've been through a lot of trials and tribulations but you always put a smile of your face for us. And in turn it puts a smile on my face as well, even when I didn't want to smile. I struggle with mental health issues at times but your videos honestly help me get my mind off of my problems. At times I come here to try to copy your recipes and sometimes I come here just to watch and enjoy your gals company. Very comforting. Thanks again for always being authentically YOU!
    Hi cloud!! You're so funny and awesome! 🤘🎥

  4. The love between you two is very moving. I lost my mama 5yrs ago & I only have her sister left. My tia is everything to me & we both miss her 🖤 thank you for showing us these 🥗 they look yummy & hopefully will help me with my "diet"😌💞

  5. Stephanie here’s a quick tip to save you time… store all of those seeds and add-ins you use the most in pint size mason jars. It makes cooking so much easier and less time consuming than resealing bags.

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