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This Goat Meat Recipe is a Family favourite. You can make it only a few ingredients and it will be fingerlicking good! INGREDIENTS Tomatoes Pepper Onion …

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  1. Sisi yemmie l love your cooking but why so much salt and stocks too much goat meat cow meat etc. Dose it mean that Nigerians love eating so much meat? Ah ah my dear l am tried show something with fresh fish or chicken Turkey yes thanks and have lovely day.

  2. Good morning, i subscribed to your channel last week, and i saw this Goat meat stew, it look so delicious and i said i must try last saturday i tried it and also eforiro. To be honest we my husband loved the eforiro. I followed all your recipe except for the crayfish and eru cos my husband doesnt like it. The goat meat stew i prepared we just ate it this morning with rice and the comment is mind blowing. Thank you for sharing with us your recipe

  3. worms and maggots in your tomatoes? jeees! ive never seen that where i live in my life! maybe you need to change market or report that market for selling bad food
    if you dont do something that place you buy food might one day kill ya

  4. Hello Dear Sisi, I make my stew almost the same way, but I add garlic, ginger, thyme, curry, scent leave or rosemary. Thanks for all you do!

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