How to Make the Ultimate Grilled Chicken Thighs and Italian Pasta Salad

In this episode, test cook Dan Souza and host Julia teach viewers how to make the ultimate Grilled Chicken Thighs with Mustard and Tarragon. Tasting expert …

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  1. Frankly I'm disappointed that Galbani mozzarella didn't even make the cut into the top choices. We use it often to make pizza and it shreds beautifully, tastes wonderful and best of all, is priced right at $3.79/lb.

  2. I can't believe America's Test Kitchen has a legendary French Citroen "Tube" truck ! The red paint of it is awesome. Bbq Chicken thighs, pasta salad, so yummy recipes ! My mouth's watering.

  3. I hear the birds singing when Dan is rearranging the chicken. It was very soothing. 😌
    Kieth is fantastic on camera. I find myself paying more attention when he does a demonstration. 🙂
    I certainly haven't tried it with all peppers, but I've noticed most of them you can just pull the stems off, in case anyone is as passionate about food waste (or eating more peppers) as I am.

  4. 12:40 The whole food pyramid discussion was pretty nonsensical. The stuff at the bottom is what you (are supposed to) eat the most of. So moving something up the pyramid would mean eating less of it. No wonder the government ditched it, no one could understand it.

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