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How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer | Dr. Ian Smith

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has people so worried about getting sick that hand sanitizer is selling out. Here’s how to make your own hand sanitizer if needed.

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  1. Recipe starts at 2:35
    Use two parts 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol and one part aloe vera gel. If desired, to make it smell better, you can use a couple of drops of any essential oil you like, but it’s not necessary.

  2. Ok Rachael please let him Talk omg , that’s horrible 🤦🏽‍♀️ stopppp I’m done watching this , if I was him I would of left fucking annoying

  3. but isnt 2 parts 99% alcohol and 1 part aloe equal to about 66% alcohol by volume? this would not be effective as the solution is under the 70% minimum? maybe this should be 3 parts alcohol and 1 part aloe for a 75% alcohol volume solution??

  4. Great vid…I own a store and before the covid 19 I used to sell the 500ml bottle for $1.50

    After the covid19 the price increase
    I bought a box for my house for $168 24pack
    Thats 7$ a bottle

    Many stores started selling them $10 a bottle. Which is insane

  5. OK but,instead of taking a hour;short handed 5 mins.All you need is 90+% alcohol,aloe vera gel and a little drop of something that smells good.
    But people STAY INSIDE,WEAR MASKS to avoid Corona
    Stay Safe Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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