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How to Not Diet and Lose Weight Permanently in 2020

When we ring in a new year, we set new goals. Weight loss is a huge one for many of us. We want to lose 10, 20, 30 lbs. We decide we will go on Weight …

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  1. You can easily lose belly fat you can lose belly fat by many ways.
    Firstly you have to set your gaol that is very important and do with respect to your goal.
    Following are some important tips to lose belly fat

    Drink water before meals

    Eat slowly

    Base your diet on whole foods

    Drink coffee or tea

    Eat soluble fibre

    Choose weight loss friendly foods

    Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice

    Eat a high protein breakfast

    Eat fewer carbs and more lean proteins

    Lift weight and try high intensity interval training

    Be active outside of gym

    Avoid most processed junk foods

    Avoid foods that contains fat

    Reduce the stress level

    Do aerobic exercises

    Don’t drink alcohol

    For more important exercises to lose weight and diet visit

  2. I'm 6' 1" @ 155lbs. I look like a fashion model so I've been told, what I wanted when i started my transformation @ 235lbs back in 2014. I was quite the looker in my 20s and 30s BUT life got to me and put on the weight slowly but surely. I kept a food journal, Avoided certain foods. sugar, honey are both very caloric. just because something is natural doesn't mean it's diet food. I kept bread to a minimum and absolutely IMHO the most important thing I did was NO sugary drinks, NONE! It was either water or mostly Diet sodas. Nothing wrong with them as far as I am concerned. Just cutting out the sugary drinks cut me down to 180lbs doing nothing else! then I implemented the low calorie diet and.. well here I am @ 155lbs. I also workout about 2-3 days a week. I can't say it's gonna be a free ride as not eating the way one is used to will cause mind games, depression, insecurities. So if one wants to be lean,skinny,slim fashion model then EMBRACE THE SUCK! Cause it's gonna get rough but all worth it in the end 💖

  3. As usual, every human body has remarkable capabilities and functions that may be unaware of many of them. Including the function of hormones and their effects on weight gain or loss. Like Leptin hormone and Leptin resistance, which has become a hot topic today for weight loss. Sometimes overweight or obese has nothing to do with high-calorie foods or inactivity. This happens only when our body’s hormones are unable to perform their natural and biological functions and cause behavioral disorders in the diet. Join us to study the effect of one of these hormones called Leptin on weight changes.

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  5. One of my friends is part owner of a gym, yet he is honest in telling people that 90% of what your body looks like is what you eat, how much you eat & when you eat it. The other 10% comes from the gym workout, but mostly in the form of toning the body, and by using all your muscles rather than just the ones we sit on. ( His words, not mine)

  6. I have been keeping a food journal for 3 years. The biggest help for me is that I can see where I went off the rails, and then I can see what caused my binge, usually some stressful event or bad sleep the night before or eating out or being around people who don't eat very well. I have made adjustments to counteract these stressors. 1) I meditate when things get tough. Even five minutes in the morning sitting in a chair and breathing, helps me. 2) I try to slow down before bedtime and go to bed earlier. When I wake, I read. I have been told that you should get out of bed when you wake up in the middle of the night. That doesn't work for me–just keeps me awake. But rereading a favorite book on my phone (in night mode, less blue light), settles me and helps me get back to sleep. 3) I rarely eat out, and if I am going to be in the company of people who embrace diet choices different than mine, I'll eat "my" food before I'm with these people, so that I eat a lot less of the food that makes me feel not so great. Journaling led me to intermittent fasting, which feels right for me. The first week was a little tough, but now I rarely feel hungry before late afternoon. The journal is the key for me–I log what I eat and what time I started eating, and what time I stopped eating that day, usually within a 6 hour window. I also log my exercise. I lost weight slowly, over six months, about 20 pounds. I have kept this weight off for more than two years. Sometimes, when I slip up, I'll gain back five, and sometimes, when I'm being spot in with diet and exercise, I'll be 25 pounds lighter than I was when I started journaling. The journal doesn't make me perfect, but it makes me perfectly aware of my behavior.

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