how to prepare a NON-BASIC salad


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  1. I usually have between 12 and 16 ingredients in my salads including beans, sprouts, 4 different greens and avocados, purple cabbage and loads of broccoli.

  2. YES!!! Thank you so much, Tish. Beautiful video! I’ve been experimenting with building salads from random ingredients and would welcome even more ideas for throwing together non-boring salads.

  3. As soon as I seen the anchovies in the beginning, you had me 😍 I love hearty salads with roast veg, tuna, olives, onion and feta

  4. So I made this salad last night. I subbed the squash for sweet potato and arugula for the watercress. I must say it was so delicious! I got up this morning thinking about it. Having it again today. Can't wait !!! Thanks for another great one. If you ever need recipe testers please let me know.

  5. I LOVE my salads!! People think salads are soooo boring but it’s really it’s just that they don’t know how to make or customize one to their taste!! It’s one of those foods that always feels so nourishing!

  6. This video is so clutch! I’ve been thinking of ways to make my salads more interesting. A go to salad for me is one with strawberries, avocado, red onions and kale

  7. You've read my mind! Been eating salad for the past week for lunch and was running out of ideas. Great vid, will defo try them out x

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