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How to Spatchcock Chicken! (One of Our Best Chicken Recipes) The Bearded Butchers

Scott’s 10% discount code is still active, find it while you still can!!! A big game recipe that arrived just in time! It’s the ultimate spatchcock chicken recipe! Today …

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  1. I am pissed off at you guys .you costed me ruined my social life. I now own a treager timberline 1300. And smoke meat on the weekend .after seeing it on one of your videos, lol

  2. BB you guys are mind readers, i was just wondering how this was done and know i know . This is def on my list of things i need to try out next . Thank you guys for all your knowledge and advice i really appreciate all your videos.😁👍👍

  3. This is the fancy way to do it. I just cut down along the back on either side to the cavity. Not as neat and tidy. I cook the back and the giblets right on the grill and eat them as a snack while the bird cooks. I cook them either on the gas grill or a Weber. First I sear, then move them to indirect heat. So with the charcoal I put the briquettes on one side of the grate. I just did one last week and my guest thought it was fantastic. I wouldn't cook a whole chicken on the grill any other way!

  4. Great video! Roughly how long did it take the birds to cook on the Traeger? Also, if you were to finish them on the Traeger would you remove them until it reached 500degrees or just crank the temp while the birds were still on the grill?
    Thanks for the great videos!

  5. Ya know, nearly everybody else who talks about spatchcocking a bird is talking about only cutting out the backbone, not de-boning the main carcass. (OK, When I say 'nearly everyone' I mean every other video before yours today)

    That being said, those birds look excellent.

  6. I just ordered a 6 pack of seasoning. I’m up in Canada. I’ve got a whole beef of mine I killed in the freezer. Can’t wait for my seasoning to get here so I can see what I like

  7. Absolutely loved the video! The chicken looks really tasty. Im just kinda sad that I don't have a smoker. Is there a way to make that kind of chicken without a smoker a Burch barrel?

  8. Great job on the yardbirds! Thanks for demonstrating your skills on deboning it like you did. It was awesome! Love y’all’s videos, never disappoint! 🤠

  9. Food safety is critical. You always have to assume that raw chicken is potentially contaminated with salmonella. It’s not safe to touch those seasoning buckets and the shaker spice jars with chicken contaminated gloves/hands. The next time someone touches those items they run the risk of contamination.

  10. how about arranging the chickens from left to right. as one reads the ABC's,,, cajun left side, hollywood right side… and if that doesn't work.. put a carrot next to the cajun one.. that way the vegans can have their veg.

  11. Your channel is amazing guys. Love your stuff. Great product. Hope to one day get out to your store and visit the shop just to buy something in person.

  12. I was hoping y'all would use the Big Green Egg for the chicken. Those rabbit food smokers are ok for smoking but suck for crisping or doing a good steak.

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