Easy Snacks

How to START Getting in Shape! (2021) simple first steps + healthy snacks

New to fitness? Start your journey with these 8 steps! Losing weight, building muscle, and staying lean is simple – but it’s not easy. Dialing in your training and …

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  1. Great video!
    I'm tired of working out and being on a deficit, I just want to give up on my weight loss journey, but this is the most progress i've done and I know I can't, I'm at my lightest in years at 210 lb.

  2. 🥣 Ah, our old friend "cereal"
    Where were these uber healty cereals when I was but a wee lad. 🤔

    The ability to pack so much common sense content into such a relatively brief video is truly a talent.
    I hope people continue to share your projects with others.

  3. Everyone says no pain no gain, but the truth is no pain no injury. 🥣 This applys not only to exersise and dieting (starving yourself wont help and will make you feel miserable, trust me) but to life in general as well.

  4. Great video and great practices 😊 🥣

    I'm trying to cut caffeine so dont worry decaf coffee helps ☕👌🏼!

    Theres a method for goals S.M.A.R.T , specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. What do you think 🤔?

    "People who wonder if the glass is empty or full miss the point. The glass is refillable"

    Have a great weekend 🐶😉!

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