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How to Start Mediterranean Diet

This is an educational video on how to start mediterranean diet. It explains the basics components of mediterranean diet and explains the benefits of …

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  1. Well, I live 5 min. from the Mediterranean sea and I know that the low fat milk or low fat yogurts are NOT the thing. They do QUITE the opposite. They eat Greek yogurt like there's no tomorrow.

    Thank you for your video, but please do some more research or simply state that the information in your video is not accurate. I know that making videos is work, but misleading people is not nice. Take care, Sara

  2. Food is not considered a diet in Mediterranean term that is what they consume as from birth and its very healthy but for them it is fuel for the body one must not forget that diet is combined with excersise to lose weight fast. And the Mediterranean diet is just healthy eating amd you either like eating this way as a part of nature or hate it. I make nuts and dries fruite vegan sweet i gave it to some friends and they did not like them now this goes to show being around them makes me eat really bad food wen im away from them i eat my normal foods to add to this has made a spike in blood sugar so im trying to avoid going out with them they force you to eat but ive put my foot down now becaue everything they eat is either unhealthy or healthy with lots of fat and i dont generally eat my food this way. So you see when they eat natural food with natrual sugars they dont like it because they are nit used to that life style. I have now decided to switch my oil to olive oil now. As i use vegatable oil as its cheaper. I can do it for 1 month and try and be active and see if my blood sugar improves.

  3. Am Mediterranean myself and grew up with this diet. There was no sign of canola, soybean or flaxseed oils. In my opinion, just stick with the best virgin olive oil you can get. The jury is still out on the toxicity and aggressive marketing of canola oil farmers…why taint a good thing with these impostors?

  4. I only hearing health health and more health amazing video my diet was only KFC and fast food never saw veggies for years then I got diabetes now I am trying this diet and I am on the right track to help others now so thanks for your pod cast

  5. Just FYI: This is not a quick, fast weight lose (gimmick) diet. This is a long term eating routine that lowers health problem risks that may arise with an unhealth "Franchise" diet. Ignore all neighsaying comments.

  6. I would… but first I need to get rid of 35 extra pounds and that will only happen on keto. I'll be happy to switch to med diet AFTER hitting my goal weight and plan on having the med diet maintain health and weight achieved with keto.

  7. The Mediterranean is the best diet on the market. My mother had Parkinson and I used this diet. We did it vegan style as well with meat. And according to her doctors, they said that she live long because of me. In her last stages. The doctors gave her 2weeks I gave her 9 months. This is not really a diet it is just eating right and changing a few lifestyles.

  8. I live in the Intermountain West. Most folks never heard of the Mediterranean diet, and would scoff at it anyway. They prefer meat, potatoes, disease, and an early death.

  9. Canola oil is not good for you. It’s a chemically processed fake oil made in a lab. Mediterranean’s do not use canola. It’s olive oil, lard or grass fed butter only

  10. This diet endorses around 6 units of alcohol a day for men and 3 for women – that’s a total of 42 / 21 units a week…I’m onboard with everything else but this part just doesn’t seem right.

  11. Just found you as I've been told to follow the Mediterranean diet, with low salt and sugar due to liver disease. Do you recommend diary products like yogurt should be full fat or low fat?

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