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HUGE Aldi Grocery Haul + Bomb VEGAN Meal Ideas! 🙌

Sharing my Aldi finds and vegan meals for the week! ✘ R E C I P E S ⇣ Vegan Crab-Less Cakes Recipe – How To Make Vegan Taco …

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  1. I'm just starting to get into Aldi after not being in there since I was a kid and I'm impressed by their selections as well. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I love and appreciate when you post these videos because you give so many yummy ideas for a switch-up.

  2. These all look tasty….Most people don’t know that Aldi and Trader Joe’s started as just one grocery store by two brother’s. They split the business with a store in northern Germany and the other store in southern Germany over a dispute to sell cigarettes in the grocery stores. So if these stores seem somewhat similar this is why.

  3. Kim you need a cookbook girl! I would never have considered a vegan meal until I saw them on ur channel. I've made a few and they were really good👍🏾👍🏾 so maybe ur working on one and we don't know about it yet😉

  4. your videos are so well thought out and creative! also thank you for shopping at aldi, i feel like that’s way more accessible than whole foods / trader joe’s! 💛💛

  5. When you threw up those avocados, I was thinking…. I wonder how many times she had to record that part. Lol…. I always drive right by Aldi's. I went in there one time and wasn't really impressed. But after watching this video… Maybe I'll give it another try🙂

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