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Huge Aldi Haul! | Vegan & Prices Shown! | January 2020

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  1. Is the aldi almond milk good? I absolutely LOVE the silk brand almond milk, it’s so smooth and good. I’m not a fan of the almond breeze or even the generic Walmart one. I noticed the price on the aldi milk was insanely cheap.

  2. Pizza Hut sauce recipe…(reduced) 8 oz tomato sauce, 6 oz tomato paste, a teaspoon each of oregano and parsley. That simple. And we're in our new home as of last night! It's gonna take me a month to unpack!

  3. Lots of goodies he he he. Love this haul we dont have that store here😢 i still love my unsweetened soy milk😛 show us how u make your pizza por favor girl i knew u had some latina in you 😂😂😂😂😂😂 get to cookin on those frijoles lol..have a beautiful week keep warm n god bless ttfn!😘

  4. I make all my beans from scratch in the insta pot (soak them over night) . You will never go back to canned! They last for days. Healthier & taste is so much better.

  5. I literally didn't realize there was aldi in us aswell. I might try and do a vid of the one here in Spain, see if the products are different and stuff 😁

  6. My fiancee and I have been obsessed with the air fryer broccoli and cauliflower!! If you like tahini, try making a spicy tahini sauce and dipping the veggies in it! It's replaced chips and dip for us

  7. I enjoyed it my love!!!! And you got the bean cooking part 😉 don’t forget to add a garlic clove….. you know that if you don’t feel like cooking them… I got you girl….

  8. Happy Monday Kim. Great haul. I finally had a chance to go to Sprouts on yesterday and it was a bit of a let down; inventory was decent but prices were not. I didn’t find them comparable to anything I see in hauls here on YouTube. To add insult to injury, the prices on the things I really wanted were jacked up higher than a lot of other stores (like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s) that I normally go to. I’m guessing it’s just maybe my area. It’s an hr away so I won’t be rushing back to go anytime soon but we planned a visit to the aquarium in the area so I knew it was my chance to check them out. I did find the Tropical Punch Health-Ade kombucha and it was definitely a score in flavor; price was normal, lol. On another note, I took the plunge to start making beans from dry as well. With a pressure cooker, you don’t have to pre soak them if you don’t want, they’re way more economical and taste completely different (better) than when canned. I made homemade hummus with some chickpeas I made from dry and I couldn’t believe the flavor pay off. I haven’t bought any canned beans since the summer. Thanks for sharing your hauls.

  9. I saw flavored baked tofu at my store but not the type you bought. I tried the baked teriyaki one last year it was just ok.
    Great haul for sure. Your gonna have great meals this week.

  10. Such a great haul! Those mini hummus tubs would be great for my boys' lunch boxes. We have got some great new vegan products in the Aldi here in the UK but its just abit further away for me to get to so I don't often go! I've just uploaded my family's gorcery haul for this week – do check it out 🙂

  11. How do you prepare the sweet potatoes for air fryer? How long do you cook and what temp? I have the chili lime seasoning from Trader Joe’s and would love to try it 😊

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