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HUGE Aldi Vegan Grocery Haul / Produce + Pantry Staples / WFPB Essentials

… simple vegan recipes “HOW TO START THE STARCH SOLUTION” …

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  1. I loved this!! I already buy most of it but found a few new items and total validation on the staples I think are compliant! I l ow veggie burgers and vegan cheese isn’t a part of this lifestyle, but their quinoa crunch, black bean or Thai veggie burgers are AMAZING and so is their vegan cheese. I like to have these when the fam wants burgers or I’m going to a cook out. And the cheese can make pizza night vegan in a pinch!

  2. Love, love Aldis! So helpful and encouraging to see you do a grocery haul of a place I love and shop at every week. It makes this way of eating so much more simpler. Thanks again for this! Great video.

  3. Hey Taylor so I’ve been following this diet not necessarily for weight loss but for overall health and my skin is so dry from lack of oil.

    I drink a lot of water but removing nuts and seeds really does a number on my skin. Dry skin leads to wrinkling soo any Suggestions??

  4. thanks for another great video! I made your potato soup last week and added Rotel instead of regular canned tomatoes. It added a punch and got my husband to eat some, too!

  5. Looks very similar to my grocery trips. I have been doing online ordering through apps on my phone and I have the personal shoppers get the products for my order and then I just pick it up. It eliminates any temptation to buy my food addiction items!!

  6. I struggle so badly on the starch solution 😭😭 I can’t seem to stay full despite eating tons and tons and TONS of food and my stomach turns so sour from hunger idk what to do 😭

  7. I live on the west coast so we don't have an Aldi's but Walmart carries everything pretty much. If not, Safeway wil have the couple of things I need. I wish Aldi's would come out this way. Our two places could sure use some competition in our small coastal town. For coffee I fell in love with Stok's cold brew. It's the only coffee that doesn't hurt my stomach at all. It is smooth, but sure wakes you up. Love it! Pineapple rice is yummy! I love anything tropical. Thank you for everything!!!

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