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HUGE Cereal Haul – What Cereals To Buy & Avoid At the Grocery Store!

Guess who’s back…back again! You asked for it more than an other grocery item, so here is my complete review of breakfast cereals. I did lots of research and …

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  1. Order our new keto cookbook:

    Keto/low carb cereals:
    Julian bakery granola:

    This one looks good:

    Hot porridge:

    I don't like these keto cereals bc they use soy and splenda sugar:

    Bariwise low carb oatmeal

    Wholesome protein cereal

    Monk fruit sweetener:

    Here are the Bobby Approved cereals, in case ur wondering..that store was Whole Foods:

    Ezekiel..Every flavor of cereal is great:

    Alpen muesli: super clean, will blow out your a good way

    Love grown: Gluten free & made from beans..more you eat..the more you 😉

    Grape nuts


    Annie's organic: only frosted flakes, others too low in fiber & protein

    Nature's path:

    Arrowhead mills: and

    Kashi GoLean: Original is best, clean out your colon!

    Cascadian farms: Avoid the cinnamon crunch, others are good , esp. their version of cherrios

    Bob's quick cooking steel cut oats:

  2. I'm curious why you are pushing Walmart so often when they are such horrible corporate citizens they pay their employees so little that they qualify for public health benefits on purpose, and so much more, I urge everyone to watch the high cost of low prices by Michael Moore before shopping there, I have, and will never step foot in there, ever, unless I become destitute, knockin' wood

  3. Damn, no wonder people get brainwashed by people. This guy gives you a real secured confidence in the right foods. The way he presents himself is perfect. Whether he truly knows this stuff down to a science is a whole new question but no question about it that he makes you feel good about what you should be buying. Imagine: This must of been what those females felt like rolling with Charles Manson and now are trying to get out of prison. Brain washed I'd say.

  4. Nice review but you didn't mention the calories per serving. That's something I look for on cereals not just the sugar content. Also these healthy brands aren't available at the grocery stores in my country. There are some gourmet stores that might have them but the prices are extremely high. Most can't afford it so they settle for the basic corn flakes.

  5. Talk to me Bobby!!! Thank you so much. so much info. i am watching all your videos.. I have been eating Honey bunches of oats. i love it so much.. Special K as well..Looking for another cereal. Trying to lose the sugar from my diet..

  6. Hello hope you’re well staying safe
    What are the best weight gainers for women
    I’m 44 i lost 20 pounds over t6 weeks from stressing over virus but I’m better now mentally
    Please let me know I’d like to gain Atleast half of weight
    I’m 5’6 i weight 130

  7. Hi Bobby what about Natures Path heritage flakes I have been reading no on the extracts and the high cane sugar I see here that the puffins has cane sugar and with similiar grams.. thanks!

  8. Thank you thanks so much for this video I am trying to get my husband-to- better at Choosing cereal he loves cereal Raisin bran crunch but it has Too much Sugar So I order a cereal that is call magic Spoon and it was disgusting so thank you for all you help

  9. Hi Bobby, I am new to your channel and I really love your videos. They’re just amazing. I have a question about steel cut oats. I like to make oatmeal for the morning by soaking and without cooking as right now I have a kitchen that is sort of out of commission. Now I have "Irish steel cut oats" but didn’t know If I could soak them over night without cooking the way I used to when I had the rolled,oats. Or would I just have to soak them longer? Like maybe soak them for two days instead of eight hours? If you could let me know I’d appreciate it so much. Thanks in advance., S

  10. Hi Bobby, I love the way you said "it has negative health benefits"…haha. It definitely sounds better than health risks. Gotta soften that blow. Great vid! xo

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