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Huge Costco Grocery Haul – 25 Healthy Items To Buy & What To Avoid

You guys have been requesting it, so here is part two of my healthy grocery haul from Costco! Spring cleaning is in the air, so why not clean up your diet to, and …

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  1. Some of your “funny”comments here and there are ignorant and snobby, this is the first time I watch you and I say, nope 👎🏾 thank you!

  2. I live in the Western New York State area. Let me know when you guys plan to be in the area. I'm thinking of a tour possibly through the Amherst, NY Wal-Mart, or WholeFoods on Sheridan Dr. In Amherst, NY. I hope to meet & greet you at one of my local shopping centers. Thanks for sharing your video.

  3. 👌Great Great reviews. However, could Trader's Joe, Whole Foods 365, and Cosco prices be fairly compared?? Remember in the two earlier stores there is no annual fee.
    charges 🤗
    Keep up the great job at educating about nutritious food.😊

  4. Good stuff….and definitely will be looking closer at the labels as I shop Costco in the future….don't need those extra ingredients which serve no purpose….but could use more vegan products in my local store….and the suggestion is in the box.

  5. I now see why people I seen what does grosser halls are picking up the Rao's Marinara sauce and not just because it taste good. Yet, I still like to make my own home made Marinara Pizza sauce and red sauce for spaghetti because putting in my own spices in fresh tomatoes just teste better to me. Now if I am unable to make fresh home made I think Rao's is a best grab. Now that can from Italy I would pick up.

  6. AWESOME RECIPE IDEAS. Thanks for the shopping tips, although I do always read labels. Could you please check out GROCERY OUTLET for those of us that cannot always afford pure organic & Keto. Thanks!

  7. People Please….only about half of the things that this guy has stated are actually TRUE. Educate yourself with an actual culinary EXPERT and not some random YOUTuber….

  8. im pretty sure any kind of vinegar daily just in your water is pretty bad and much better ways of promoting a healthy gut than drinking a glass of vinegar water every morning.

  9. Don’t trust the mafia in Naples. My husband was military and we lived in mafia owned apartments that was military housing. Fast forward 20 years, I’m very ill. My children have health problems. I find out the land we lived on is the third worst toxic waste dump in the world ! It was condemned and the whole area enclosed behind fencing. It looks like a wasteland. This was Naples Italy area. Pintemare/ Village Coppola.

  10. Collagen peptides are broken down into their generic amino acid components prior to absorption. It's a myth that drinking collagen peptides will improve hair, skin, fingernails etc. Love your videos!

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