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TO SEE WHY THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED VISIT: Mind opening content to check out: Youtube – Gary Yourofsky best speech you will ever …

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  1. The loud speaker,shoes,clothes this guy is using is made in china by some poor over expolited person and solid here for 100 times the actual price under some brand name, what about it.

  2. What about exploitation of humans in chocolate,coffee and clothing industry, what about brain drain from poor to rich countries, what about importing cheap stuff from poor countries and branding it in huge brands ro sell it for 100 times higher price.
    Bloody hypocrites.
    There is no such thing as equality and Human rights in this modern society.

  3. This might be a prank but I am sorry bro this video itself is really disturbing . . God loves those poor souls. You are valued girls. Jesus has paid the price on the cross for our sins. Call upon him today.

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