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Human Robots & Vegan Meat, Jenny Kleeman, Investigative Reporter Interview, 2021

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  1. Doesn't crop rotation and using the nutrients of the soul cause havoc on the planet??? I'm a vegan because I hate the meat chewy texture only… I think all food ,weather plant or meat based do the exact harmful things to the planet.

  2. primal response to bad meat or something soulless, not sure, I would rather just eat far less meat that is far more natural, and like everything else on this planet there is at least one aspect of all, that cant be called beutifull

  3. Whether anyone actually defines "life" satisfactorily, is a moot point…"they" will do these things anyway….and will do it because "they" can…period. Ethics, morals,right,wrong etc. .. beneficial, detrimental, consequences, repercussions…..never stopped anything before this latest "can do projects" so , none of the afore mentioned considerations will be relevant….and will continue….

  4. And I thought being a meat eater would maintain B12 levels right! No actually wrong,
    I became B12 deficient whilst I was still eating the Dead flesh of animals being a meat eater and unhappily stuffing my face with death.

    Fully vegan now for quite a number of years and learnt to make some of the most tastiest meals I've ever had! who said being a vegan was boring.

  5. agricultural practices that are not corporate based do not affect climate does she want to ban farts as well!she doesn't know about estrogen levels in plant-based meat that's funny 🤷🏻‍♂️This lady's been drinking the Kool-Aid a little too much, when Rex said something about ancient civilizations doing what we are currently doing the look on her face was priceless 😂🤣

  6. If you need a sex robot you don’t have any pick up skills.. bunch of losers having sex with robots… and eating fake meat? What kind of transsexual transhumance agenda is this? The elite eat humans for andrenachrome energy what’s the difference?

  7. I like Jenny. However, her whole idea about meat is WRONG in several ways, imo. I've never been a big meat eater, but that is besides the point. Cow farts aren't harming anything. Yeah, like the farts of the buffalo herds hurt the climate in the past…right. Sure. I read an article about how naturally raised cow herds were actually beneficial to the land in certain ways. Yes, factory farming is VERY HARMFUL AND VERY CRUEL!!! And should be eliminated. But what about small farms and ranches that responsibly raise animals, are good and loving to them.

  8. Company out of S America, NotCo, veggies as meat substitute done right. They pay attention to taste, texture, feel, and nutritional value.
    What the psychopaths are created, with additives, salt levels, toxins, and experimental lab created soylent green is not likely of benefit to humanity.
    Let's not forget all the fast food warehouses, meat products that's tested positive for human dna already. This alone, should warrant caution, and avoidance. By what manner are positive human DNA results ending up in the food?
    The industrial complex built around production of meats created the problems for profit. There's a historical precedent, multiple actually, for reduced consumption of meats.
    In 60s-80s, we still used meats sparingly. A roast was often triple use. Once as stand alone meat dish, second was the broth used for soup, and leftovers was the stew in the middle of the week. Chicken was the same. We had bacon or breakfast ham occasionally when local farmers butchered hog, but a ham got stretched out in usefulness.
    Game animals were treated exactly the same way. Rarely was a cut or ground up portion used in a single meal. Even ground deer cooked as burgers, the grease was used for a second meal.
    Age likely the key here. However, my house uses meat rarely, and fish or game is a multiple meal or multiple use product. Combined with pasta and rice, seasoned on the plate, two evening meals easily from broiled, baked fish.
    It's about stretching out the money you spend and resources you have. Soups and stews are oldest type of traditional meals for a reason; crockpots make them easy if you aren't too lazy to clean some veggies and cook some rice or pasta a couple times a week.

  9. I usually don't watch the long video interviews but WOW! Jenny was absolutely fascinating 👏. I was hooked , have her back plz. Great job Rex 😃

  10. showing the level of non-evolvement in many humans, but many are not really quite human anyway, they may look it but they do not seem it, nor inhabit humanity anyway so Well manifested to them and I know how shitshaped this will go for them (chuckle)

  11. Not every vegan eats that way, FYI. Other than that pretty good discussion. I know how to make my own plant based burgers / very healthy, no weird chemicals, & so on. I’m not a perfect vegan. I occasionally have Gardein products, but in moderation. I prefer the healthy food I make myself. … but I get what both of you were talking about. Vegan since mid July 2016, vegetarian off & on since my late teens , & I’m 47. I eat mostly whole food plant based , but hey – it’s ok to have a vegan junk food day every so often. I love chips & salsa…. my weakness- I’m in southeast Tx . Cajun & Tex/Mex . I ❤️cayenne pepper.

  12. Rex team please ask her for a list of topics she would be interested in discussing. And invite her back asap please she is willing to give an opinion which is rare.

  13. Yuck to what you said at the start Rex, I'm already back into Breisheet/Genesis and that's not Vegetarian but Vegan. Yes, Vegan never though I would get into Vegan bcoz of man-made meats – YUCK 🤢🤮

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