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Hunting Water RATS in the Swamp & Introducing Mailbox Mondays!!

***If You Would Like To Send Anything, Here Is Our PO BOX!!*** P.O. Box 526​​ Port Salerno Florida 34992 SUPPORT CODES: -Vacuum Sealer Use Promo …

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  1. That gator head cup is badass! I would love to have something like that as well being that I love gator! First time I had the best gator bites was when I lived just outside of Stuart back in the 90s. If you're originally from Stuart, you would know of RJ Gators (which sadly is no longer there). I tried the bites at The Twisted Tuna last year and wasn't thrilled. I think it was cooked too long.
    I use to live in Palm city and Hobe Sound and still have relatives there so seeing that you and Gabe live in Stuart makes things more exciting. Both of you have great videos….keep up the good work!

  2. Daaaaamn Bathtub beach. I grew up in PSL when it was way different in the late 80s / early 90s. Loved bathtub beach, and had some of the best memories with my father there!

  3. Good evening Kelly and Blue Gabe
    As always another awesome video y’all
    Made all drops down the east coast of Florida with one last drop in Ft.Myers in the morning then back up to Wisconsin for another load 😊
    Y’all take care 🤠🇺🇸❤️🎣Love Y’all

  4. The rats looks like an agouti with a possum tail
    Will love to cook some with curry plenty pepper.
    Greetings from Trinidad
    Nice video Kelly
    When you coming to Trinidad?

  5. Princess Kelly stay away from the rodent family … you can use them as target practice
    Wear ear protection and always dress for the occasion (gloves)
    Watching👁👁 👩🏾‍💻 through your eyes …

    🗞 📰 One Journey🗺🌎🌍🌏 Let's Make It Count❗️


  6. What happen to all the scattered ass party videos with Judah? Did you age out or something? Well……Gabes a huge step up, and I love the content ya'll create together.

  7. Reminds me of the muskrats we have here, only bigger. Never ate one, although we have a local restaurant that specializes in making them, I just cant get passed the rat in their name.

  8. From Shark Whisper to Deer Slayer to Hog Huntress to Rat Blaster To BlueGabe Tamer (well that last one might be a stretch) you are an amazing young lady. Great vid.

  9. Thumbs up 👍 on Steve's reading comment! You have to do that!
    I love reading, especially history!
    Make sure the boys do read books..including BlueGabe!! 🤙

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