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I ordered Indian food for lunch

Ordered this from Shagan’s in Kansas City: 14521 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS 66223 #shorts #indianfood #butterchicken …

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  1. Got that buttered chicken and buttered potatoes with a samosa and Naan on the side. Just need to add the yogurt and pickled cucumber to finish it off right. That would be delicious to me

  2. The butter paneer is nor tofu not cheese it's actually milk but texture and looks like tofu but the taste between tofu and cheese paneer has a very different taste…

  3. Hi I'm a Korean but once I traveled around the world like China and Pakistan Chinese was amazing yummy but when i tried pakistani food gave it 9.7/10 cuz we tried Chinese a lot so Pakistani was new and I reqemend u to try it out gamsamida

  4. All you white people keep eating is the same butter chicken, butter that , butter this.

    At this point I just wish that we should never have created this dish

  5. Hi Lisa. This is North Indian cuisine which is more global. Try out South Indian cuisine and especially seafood from the state of Kerala it’s different tasting and we use coconut and it’s milk in our cuisine too.

  6. Paneer is not cheese ahahah… But loved the video🫠🫠 Thank you! And you eating with hand is the best!! Thats how u we Indians eat 🙂

  7. Eat South Indian food like Masala Dosa, Pulav, Mini idly, onion dosa, bisi bele bath.
    Also try Indian Bengali sweets(desserts) like rasgulla, jamun, rasmalai , kaju barfi.

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