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I Tried Adele's Sirtfood Diet for 14 Days • Tasty

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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for watching my journey on this diet! Please remember to be kind in the comments, as many people are on different journeys and in different places in their relationships with food. Much love 💕💕💕 -jasmine

  2. Soy is not good for you its only non toxic because its a gmo. Excess meat activates mtor this is what you want off during your healing.

  3. Do not add soy to that diet.
    I repeat. Avoid soy at all cost.
    This diet is about fresh produce,
    Heathy fats, non processed food and minimal sugar/carb.
    and occasional healthier version of carbs or sugar to throw the body out of balance so it won’t slow down/ get used to the routine (because that’s bad).
    Buckwheat is great is gluten free and great protein and all. I love buckwheat. So long rice,bye!

    Keep up with this diet/ it’s supposed to be a lifestyle not a week in life tho.

  4. Re: +1 to Magnolia Flowers comment. This is basically, a lot of veg, some protein, whole grains. Which is how people should be eating – i.e. shop the perimeter of the grocery store. There's no reason this "diet" should even have a name. Its healthy eating.

  5. Gosh your before/after photo makes me want to try this too. For me weight is just numbers on the scale, but i prefer to see the changes visually! And my problem has always been a bloated belly 😭

  6. Like all diets food are expensive , won't fit my very low income ..i really need too lose but it cost too much i am 66 and my weight shot up like crazy do not know why boarder obese 2010 98 and doctors said i was straving myself family and freinds thouht i was using drugs ya just never win with people right too skinny too fat i am 192lbs a solid 5 ft tall now not good ,but am happy you did this so others can try it looks very yummy though , but let your boyfriend know i was like he i couldn't gain the weight but it hit me later in age ,,,, be careful again like your videos…oops my most favorite is Asian food oops now

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