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I tried HELLO FRESH VEGGIE for a week! UK 2021 honest, meat-free review 🥬🍅

I’m back with another Hello Fresh review for you, but this time there’s no meat in sight – I’m going veggie for the week! I’ve tried Hello Fresh before in previous …

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  1. Another great video. Convinced me to buy Hello Fresh now, maybe you could ask them for a sponsor ship? Maybe have the Code: Shag from the ash…(lol sorry) anyway informative video, straight to the point as per usual. Now probably one of my fav food vloggers on the platform, I will share your videos in my food section on my discord. Cheers!. Keep up the great work and stay safe everyone.

  2. I love that Hello Fresh has all vegetarian options. There are quite a few meal delivery kits that do not offer vegetarian. Cool channel, glad we found you! Just subscribed 👍

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