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I Turnover £1,000,000 A Year From My Tie Dye Business | How To Get Rich

Meet 25 year old Dhillan Bhardwaj who has turned his tie dye t-shirt hobby into a successful business, having celebrity clientele …

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  1. I hate these youtube videos because yes he might if tie dyed a few items went to the cinema and then had orders, hes making it look so easy and its not!!
    Ya would have to find a clothes supplier that was cheap enough to have every single size in
    Then ya would have to find fabric dyes cheap enough to buy in bulk
    Then ya would have to have the money to buy all those items in huge quantities
    Then have a building or premisses kitted out for all that dying and it also looks like he has a store thats full to the brim with ready to buy garments
    He also looks like he has staff and he also makes money from HTV printing
    Theres no way its as easy as he’s making out, if it was then everyone would be doing it
    Unless you have the money to buy all of that stuff and be able to just throw that money away if ya dont get enough custom then ya simply just cant do it !!!
    Good on him for making it work but he didn’t do that alone at all and not being nasty but its always people who are from a different country who seem to be able to get a brake and become a millionaire, i dont know weather its contacts he might have in India or whatever but theres not a chance in hell that story is completely true!!!
    Nothing works that well straight away he’s got to have had problems some where along the line and he didnt just move 24 members of his family into that house … they already had money to start of with !!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the idea of ​​tie dye,

    This is a big help for me who is just starting my business, and I can also upload my work.

    I hope there are many new uploaded videos that we can study, thank you godbless…

  3. does it help to be, or at least appear/talk, gay(ly) so that people will feel sorry for you and support you because they think you won't be accepted in a normal job environment because people would be all weirded the gayness?..

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